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Reynolds also argues that these words pass his first property of determinatives, namely, their inability to combine with a or the or with each other except in coordination (p.
Interestingly, Reynolds (2013) also has as his second property of determinatives the fact that they "can combine with a singular count noun to form a grammatical noun phrase" (p.
This is the word shemaew, "musician." The determinative at the end indicates that the musician is male.
Fewer and less are compared adjectives which are also, and usually primarily, determinatives, as is spelled out below in representation (36).
Nor is the category of Molly--though Anderson (1997, 2003) does interpret names as determinatives.
And when functioning as a determinative, the same hieroglyph appears at the end of a word--as all determinatives do--and marks words denoting all kinds of buildings.
As opposed to ideograms and phonograms, determinatives signify neither the meaning nor the sound of a word.
The other issue relates to the group dubbed "the my set." While these do, as Lenchuk and Ahmed claim, meet two criteria for being determinatives, there is good reason beyond that to believe that they are nouns.
In the more specific case under consideration here, it is not clear whether Palmer thought of determinatives as a category, a function, or something in between, but modern linguistics recognizes them as both a category and a function.
It should also prove valuable for those concerned with the more general topics of the semantic use of determinatives, the narrative structure of Egyptian texts, and the nature of Egyptian law.
437 below the hm-sign in the name of the addressee read a t + female determinative, and the whole line is to be corrected into n Hm.t-ntr ih d[i=t hr=t ...], "To Hemtneter.
Verse 54: the determinative of the man with raised arms has been omitted in A.