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7) also has as his third property of determinatives the following: "They can occur as heads in the partitive construction (i.
The very close parallels above serve to show that Reynolds' three properties of determinatives as a syntactic category, together with the words that meet those properties, look strikingly similar to those of Huddleston and Pullum (2002, p.
In this section, we apply the linguistic tests offered in Reynolds (2013) to show that the words that belong to the my set are determinatives rather than pronouns.
For few and little (and many and much) are adjectives as well as determinatives: they are members of a composite category, both determinative and adjectival, so {N/{prt},P:N}.
Fewer and less are compared adjectives which are also, and usually primarily, determinatives, as is spelled out below in representation (36).
Nor is the category of Molly--though Anderson (1997, 2003) does interpret names as determinatives.
In this particular case, I assert that it is unreasonable to interpret we/ us and you as determinatives in the case of She would object to ~ taking it as Lenchuk and Ahmed do.
All in all, then, I feel that the evidentiary case for determinatives set out in Reynolds (2013; which is largely due to CGEL) stands.
On determinatives and the category-function distinction: A reply to Brett Reynolds.
In the first place, most determinatives can occur in functions other than specifier.
The specifier function is mostly realized by determinatives (8) or genitive NPs, as in the woman's face, but not all genitives are specifiers; the genitives in, say, cow's milk and an old people's home are modifiers, not specifiers.
Part IV, verse 30: the ideogram stroke and the divine determinative of shm have been omitted.