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Interestingly, Reynolds (2013) also has as his second property of determinatives the fact that they "can combine with a singular count noun to form a grammatical noun phrase" (p.
7) also has as his third property of determinatives the following: "They can occur as heads in the partitive construction (i.
The determinative at the end indicates that the musician is male.
For few and little (and many and much) are adjectives as well as determinatives: they are members of a composite category, both determinative and adjectival, so {N/{prt},P:N}.
Fewer and less are compared adjectives which are also, and usually primarily, determinatives, as is spelled out below in representation (36).
As opposed to ideograms and phonograms, determinatives signify neither the meaning nor the sound of a word.
Consequently, two fundamental cognitive questions pertain to determinatives and not just one, as in the case of ideograms.
I concede that it is almost certain that an algorithm using only the rules in Reynolds (2013) could not be written to accurately identify all determinatives and only determinatives.
In this particular case, I assert that it is unreasonable to interpret we/ us and you as determinatives in the case of She would object to ~ taking it as Lenchuk and Ahmed do.
In the more specific case under consideration here, it is not clear whether Palmer thought of determinatives as a category, a function, or something in between, but modern linguistics recognizes them as both a category and a function.
In the first place, most determinatives can occur in functions other than specifier.
Part IV, verse 30: the ideogram stroke and the divine determinative of shm have been omitted.