determine beforehand

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If some decisions will be made, determine beforehand the decision-making process you will employ: Will you have a poll and the majority wins?
Civilian action or operational activity: Determine beforehand whether the weekend missions are of a civilian nature -- like securing tourists and reinforcing other units.
Determine beforehand how flexible the pricing of your services are and what you can afford to do.
For the salesman, it is of prime significance to keep the demographics of the target location in mind and determine beforehand whether the people of a specific area could find the information useful.
Determine beforehand your Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA); decide what will be your fallback plan if current negotiations fail and an agreement cannot be reached.
While process is important, Mann does believe that emerging KM technologies will lead to better and more-successful initiatives--provided that users determine beforehand how they intend to collect and utilize information.
The point here is that if you plan to purchase CAD software, it's essential that you determine beforehand if the controls in your shop are compatible with the CAD software you intend to buy and if a post processor is required.
We can pretty well determine beforehand how we are going to look and what our voice is going to sound like.
Determine beforehand who will handle everything from how the phones are answered to letters to customers to, if necessary, media interviews.
The patient can determine beforehand how much of the drug to take.
Too many people don't determine beforehand what they are going to say and the result is a garbled, unfocused message.
You should also determine beforehand if the employee will become a resident of the foreign country.