determine boundaries

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1) Radiologic investigation can be used to support the diagnosis and determine boundaries but is not confirmatory, as amyloid deposits appear similar to skeletal muscle on Tl- and T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging.
Determine Boundaries Of The 100 And 500 Year Floodplains, As Well As The Floodway From Analysis Results.
Various methods have been proposed to determine boundaries for clusters and they include geographical, administrative, and statistically determined boundaries.
A theme throughout the book is the nationwide debate as to whether geography or geometry should determine boundaries, which arose again and again as one boundary dispute after another heated up.
which does not determine boundaries of the domains of freedom by laying down rules that enable each to ascertain where he is free to act.
O'Brien said it was evident from that meeting that there was interest in that and, as a result, a smaller group made up of downtown employers and residents met to establish an administrative structure, and to determine boundaries for a potential watch group.
If state policies are also unclear, comments Kim, then hospitals and their institutional review boards must determine boundaries for surrogate-based research.
The optional verses that come before this encounter speak to some of the issues treated above related to the Isaiah reading: How does one determine boundaries in an inclusive kingdom?
We shall be working with Defra to determine boundaries for the BT zones that cause the minimum possible disruption to the normal movement and marketing of livestock.
Official Ordnance Survey maps will be referred to by courts to determine boundaries, but they are not always up to date.
There is still the tendency for Southwest archaeologists to rely on ceramics, especially style, to determine boundaries.