determine size

See: measure
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Measure the hip circumference and waist circumference to best determine size.
Ultrasonography is the imaging procedure of choice to determine size and parenchymal alterations in prostate gland.
Determine size (width * height * bbp/8), min size is 32
Thar Block II had been conducted to determine size and chemical composition of underground water.
In some cases they're just going off the tenancy agreements to determine size, but that's now not good enough.
Determine size and staffing configurations for major ESC programs and services;
Therefore, differences may only be attributed to summation of vitellogenic follicles and oviductal eggs to determine size of clutch.
Virtual store research from Chicago-based InContext was used with thousands of consumers to test various aisle flow options, which ultimately helped determine size of prize before engaging retail partners for in-store testing.
Their echolocation abilities enable them, in total darkness, to determine size, movement, and even density of objects.
This difference could be due to use of different methodologies to determine size at maturity; in this study we combined morphological characteristics with the presence of spermatozeugmata, since the calcification of claspers is a gradual process in the blue shark and Pratt (1979) proposed that these should not be the only features considered to establish maturity stage.
Engineers walk the client through various steps to determine size, configuration, price and the best set-up for their particular operation.