determine the worth of

See: evaluate
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Elmer Monsalve, head of the homicide division of Quezon City police's Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit, said they had yet to determine the worth of the stolen valuables.
Use references and due diligence to determine the worth of your team members.
Some experts say that consumers are conditioned to wait for deals and sales; that's how they determine the worth of an item.
Analysing how many followers the organisation has, how many sales have been made as a result of posts, and how many Twitter users interact with you are all KPIs that help a business determine the worth of their social investment.
When is it the right time to determine the worth of your trade secrets?
Brand Finance used a range of factors to determine the worth of a football club including brand awareness, revenue streams - including merchandising, commercial contracts and season ticket sales - club heritage, UEFA ranking, quality of stadium and size of fan base.
We are trying to determine the worth of whatever information we might have been able to pick up.
Their technique analyzes reviews that have generated feedback and uses a model generated by those reviews to determine the worth of reviews that have generated little or no feedback.
To call in established-order literary experts to determine the worth of and otherwise validate a piece of writing, as in the "Howl" trial, is in itself frightful, 1984-ish, and revealing of the real Beatnik mindset and endeavor.
Continuously test to determine the worth of these activities.
IN DIVORCE WORK, CPAs DELVE into a couple's financial records to determine the worth of their domestic and business assets, jointly and individually; whether assets are encumbered; who earns how much; who spends what; and what tax liabilities are incurred under one asset distribution scenario vs.