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He sought to amend section 25-A of the Customs Act 1969 (IV of 1969) to suspend powers of the Customs to determine value of the imported or exported goods on his own motion or on a reference made to him by any person.
The session also focused on educating attendees on how combinations of colour, clarity, cut and carat weight determine value and translate diamond characteristics into features and benefits.
Determine value adequacy.Consider the growth in venture capital investment, as well as the number of mergers and acquisitions related to a technology over the past three to five years.
The BTA went on to find that the BOR "properly concluded that the property owner sufficiently demonstrated that the initial assessment of the subject property overstated its value." But that the evidence the BOR relied on was "neither competent nor probative" and there was no other evidence that could be relied on to independently determine value." Therefore, the BTA vacated the BOR's determination of value and remanded the case to find value based on competent and probative evidence.
However, in the world of mergers and acquisitions, adjusted EBITDA is the income stream commonly used to determine value.
Valuation Center is an organization that performs activities to determine value of financial instruments, which can be used by interested parties along with other existing sources of information on financial instruments' value, techniques and methods for determining of financial instruments' value.
A discount rate is used to determine the present value of future earnings used in the valuation, while a capitalization rate is necessary to determine value based on the buyer's or acquirer's expected earnings.
Another hearing will determine value and ownership.
Equally, the contract terms must be favourable to each institution within the Trust, and we reserve the right for each academy to determine value for money of the arrangement for their circumstance.
Pages of detail on key coins offer everything needed to make a proper identification and to determine value and grade, making this a 'must' reference especially accessible to those newer to the coin collecting field.
"Determine value that you both feel will go towards making that contract with your 3PL more valuable for both parties," Moore advises.
The income method works best when determining the value of commercial and industrial properties because those kinds of properties do not sell frequently, making it harder to determine value from "comps," according Robert R.