determine value

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Consumers everywhere want information that will help them determine value and find the right products that meet their individual requirements.
In the world of great luxuries, where beauty and rarity determine value, natural BELLATAIRE diamonds are distinguished by beauty equal to the finest diamonds in the world and rarity measured as less than 1% of all gem diamonds.
com, the most comprehensive source for fast, accurate, and objective identification and valuation of art, antiques and collectibles on the Internet, provides consumers with a resource to determine value of items sold online before they bid.
VISTAinfo's databases and technology help professionals and consumers to locate, determine value, evaluate risk, sell, buy and insure real property.
This timely report focuses on replacing ad hoc acquisition programs with effective, systematic RFP procedures to determine value and ensure the purchase of best-in-class, cost-effective IT solutions.
Determine value and volume of timber prior to a harvest or thinning.
The court agreed the income approach was the correct approach to determine value.
Pages of detail on key coins offer everything needed to make a proper identification and to determine value and grade, making this a 'must' reference especially accessible to those newer to the coin collecting field.
He warned: "We need to remember always we do not exist in the abstract, theoretical world of speculative markets and computer algorithms that determine value and apportion wealth.
founder, Scott Meyers, will discuss why it's critical to apply the proper formulas to determine value of a Self Storage Facility based upon the net operating income, and market capitalization rates.
The income method works best when determining the value of commercial and industrial properties because those kinds of properties do not sell frequently, making it harder to determine value from "comps," according Robert R.
An equipment appraisal is needed to determine value.