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The portion of the basis pool attributable to the remittance was determined based on the amount of remittance relative to the equity of the QBU.
In general, fair value would be determined using the following hierarchy:
Under the accrual method, a liability is incurred and is generally taken into account in the year in which: 1) all the events have occurred, establishing the fact of the liability; 2) the amount of the liability can be determined with reasonable accuracy; and 3) economic performance has occurred with respect to the liability [Regs.
Once the tasks have been determined, the KSAs associated with them can be identified.
If teeth are determined to be caries-free, they can be sealed.
I have shown that by sorting the data on proton time of flight and electron energy, a can be determined with a statistical relative standard uncertainty of [approximately equal to] 2.
Once this is determined, the IT department can generate reports from the storage resource management (SRM) tools and present the reports to the department heads.
These elements, such as aluminum and magnesium, were determined based on past data in existing alloys as well as those that can better form stable precipitates in the diecasting.
Business interruption loss is determined through the analysis of financial records with the help of trained accountants, and its assessment begins almost as quickly as that for physical damage.
SIDS is the most frequently determined cause of SUID.