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The idea of being taken and brought back ignominiously to the ship was so inexpressibly repulsive to me, that I was determined by no hasty and imprudent measures to render such an event probable.
The orb was exactly in the condition determined by the Cambridge Observatory.
Income, gain, or loss attributable to a Section 987 QBU typically is determined by reference to two different components.
In addition, all members of an expanded affiliate group, in general, are treated as a single corporation for purposes of the DMD, determined by a "50 percent" ownership test by application of Sec.
This approach has the distinct advantage that the neutron polarization is determined by the same neutrons that are also used to determine A and B.
Differences in SF-1 expression within sex across stages were determined by separate one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) for each sex.
Individual ROI may be determined by multiplying individual contribution margin by billings, then dividing this product by the average accounts receivable balance (turnover) of the individual.
For certain federal laws, courts generally have applied the following five-factor test: (1) the degree of control by employer; (2) the extent of relative investment by worker and employer; (3) the degree to which workers opportunity for profit or loss is determined by employer; (4) the skill and initiative in performing job; and (5) the permanency of the relationship.
If a test mold is built, attention should be paid to the fact that the flow relationships determined by pad size and thickness are comparable with those of the production mold to be built later.
The Court held in Cobble Hill that where the tenant had an option to purchase a nursing home at a price to be determined by the Department of Health in accordance with applicable law, the contract was enforceable since it provided for an objective standard to determine the missing term, the purchase price.