determined by chance

See: haphazard
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Based off the board game "Life," students made their way through career, family and lifestyle milestones, discovering which aspects of life can be planned and which are determined by chance.
In order to achieve a successful rehabilitation, it is imperative that the patients do not lose their direction; otherwise their success will be solely determined by chance.
Cage's excursions to the musical fringe eventually produced collages of tape-recorded sounds, electronically generated effects, and scores determined by chance, using methods such as rolling dice.
Gambling is betting something of value (usually money) on an event (usually a game) whose outcome is unpredictable or determined by chance (1).
Dermot Cole begins his story with the founding of the town on a spot determined by chance when a steamboat ran aground on the Chena River.
Gaming, according the Gaming Law, means the playing of a game or mutual betting in accordance with established regulations, where the participants, seeking to win money, voluntarily risk losing their stakes and where winnings or losses are determined by chance, the outcome of an event or a sports competition.
The two external scales respectively reflect the extent to which respondents believe that control is in the hands of powerful others (P) or determined by chance or fate (C).
In other words, the winner is determined by chance or by some means in which the participant has no bearing in the outcome.
Plays which, as The Theatre Guide puts it exist in multiple versions determined by chance.
Whether a child was given placebo or risperidone was determined by chance on a random basis.
critiques the basic attitudes of some recent commentators on Qohelet: Norbert Lohfink is too quick to see repudiated ideas as quotations and as not owned by Qohelet; James Crenshaw's picture of life as determined by chance is too grim; Roland Murphy is not sufficiently aware of the crisis that contradiction and the collapse of meaning had for Qohelet.