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The more determinedly they attack the longer that will be.
SANDRA Bullock shines as the determinedly unfeminine FBI agent drafted in as a beauty contestant after warnings of a bomb attack on the Miss United States competition.
Middleton Rangers U13 girls 2, Peterlee Helford 4 RANGERS kicked off determinedly and held their own against a confident Peterlee team ending the first half without score.
Several times recently, I have been driving along the A565, near Hightown, and had to dodge round cyclists determinedly cycling along the road.
The winner got first run on the three-year-old but he determinedly kept finding all of the way to the line, and natural improvement from this will make him hard to beat next time out.
We now need to humbly but determinedly regain this spiritual primacy, with compassion.
Hopefully the spirit of invention and industry that clearly informs this project can survive the development's determinedly upmarket positioning and it will not become another affluent gated ghetto, like so many contemporary attempts to recast former docklands.
Bloodshot acts past, present and never all contribute their best bourbon-polished gems, and somehow the likes of Ralph Stanley, Graham Parker, John Doe, Hank Williams III, Andre Williams, Sally Timms, the Old 97s and the Meat Purveyors all sound at home together, along with dozens of other wild, weird and determinedly distinctive roots acts.
Similarly, Belgian artist Michael Borremans's determinedly dour drawings show how much artists may achieve without finding, or offering, fulfillment or resolution.
Sounding determinedly optimistic, she says, "I believe the Democrats will continue to stand firm where they've always been, which is that abortion must remain safe and legal.
Determinedly ambitious, gambling $33 million in the hope of achieving box-office grosses in the same league as last year's hits Seraphin and Seducing Doctor Lewis, Nouvelle-France only intermittently comes alive.