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Another TV program that showcases 'not just determinedly cute' kids is the 'US National Spelling Bee' competition, which we've watched from time to time for some seasons now.
The more determinedly they attack the longer that will be.
THE VERDICT Low-budget and determinedly quirky, this amusing, arty little film is a smart directorial debut from Lena Dunham, who also stars as underachiever Aura.
I am inspired by the motivation and drive shown by this group of students in coming together and working determinedly for several months to organize the event.
Communication expert Petar Arsovski comments for Utrinski Vesnik that he increasingly feels that he has been caught in the matrix and sees how our government is determinedly selling the story for which you must be on drugs in order to swallow.
Her determinedly positive outlook on a life that has fundamentally changed is truly inspirational.
SANDRA Bullock shines as the determinedly unfeminine FBI agent drafted in as a beauty contestant after warnings of a bomb attack on the Miss United States competition.
Middleton Rangers U13 girls 2, Peterlee Helford 4 RANGERS kicked off determinedly and held their own against a confident Peterlee team ending the first half without score.
Several times recently, I have been driving along the A565, near Hightown, and had to dodge round cyclists determinedly cycling along the road.
The winner got first run on the three-year-old but he determinedly kept finding all of the way to the line, and natural improvement from this will make him hard to beat next time out.
Her conclusion is that, rather than being determinedly blind to race, class and gender, we listen to the ghosts of injustices and incorporate them into our understanding of ourselves.
But the film's heart is in its throwback innocence, its determinedly old-fashioned story of a young love that will not die and a young man who is a hero in the making but doesn't know it.