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The only exception that I discovered is a new series, Grammar and Beyond (Reppen, 2011), which devotes entire sections to determiners. In no publications, however, did I find a clear distinction drawn between a category and a function.
We need this distinction in discussing determiners, because again the relationship between functions and categories is not one-to-one.
In addition, we can observe that the number value on the determiner this and five in both cases mismatches the value on the verb.
This article aims to provide a constraint-based analysis for such mismatch cases where a noun requires one set of agreement features on the determiner whereas the NP headed by this noun triggers a different set of agreement features on verbs or coreferential pronouns (cf.
With regard to the range of determiners that the deverbative object may take, a number of Composite Predicates in our corpus seem to require the zero article, as in (1a), (1b) and (1c) below.
Given the stipulations above about reference determiners, sentences turn out analytic or not according to this definition and to the behavior of the expressions' reference determiners.
We can say that in NPs with all and most, the number feature of the head noun in the partitive oblique percolates up to the determiners; therefore, these determiners acquire whatever number feature the head noun has.
These results, as with previous research (Cyr & Shi, 2010; Lew-Williams & Fernald, 2007; Van Heugten & Shi, 2009), suggest that access to determiners in the form of definite and indefinite articles allows young children to be more efficient at processing speech.
These errors are not distributed equally among the different categories, with non-homogeneous Content being the most frequent (65.4%), while the presences of a Determiner (16.9%) and different Length (17.7%) have a similar, lower frequency.
In sentences generated by competent language users, all nouns combine or Merge with determiners and become determiner phrases (DP).
From a strictly historical perspective, the work on English determiners focuses mainly on the rise of the definite article, though the syntactic literature on this subject does not boggle the mind.
In sentences with determiners in initial position, this requires changing the initial discourse assumption.