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And I flatter myself the observations in my last paper must have gone no inconsiderable way towards proving that it was not easy, if practicable, to find a more fit receptacle for the power of determining impeachments, than that which has been chosen.
The same house will possess the sole right of instituting impeachments: is not this a complete counterbalance to that of determining them?
What magnificent events may ensue, it would be useless now to think of determining.
fancy a man trying to make love on strictly truthful principles, determining never to utter a word of mere compliment or hyperbole, but to scrupulously confine himself to exact fact
At last, determining that all must be but idle speculation until after we had had a chance to explore the city and attempt to put into execution the plan Talu had suggested, we bade each other good night and turned to sleep.
Climate plays an important part in determining the average numbers of a species, and periodical seasons of extreme cold or drought, I believe to be the most effective of all checks.
In the case of every species, many different checks, acting at different periods of life, and during different seasons or years, probably come into play; some one check or some few being generally the most potent, but all concurring in determining the average number or even the existence of the species.
Find freedom from your own passions by sacrificing them to duty, freedom from the tyranny of mankind by pointing to the sword or the poison which will put you beyond their reach, freedom from the bondage of fate by determining the point beyond which you will endure it no longer, freedom from physical fear by learning how to subdue the gross instinct which causes so many wretches to cling to life.
Given the inherently factual nature of transfer-pricing decisions, TEl believes that taxpayers should be able to rely on their specific facts and circumstances in determining whether they have met the reasonable cause standard.
Determining whether it is appropriate to anticipate plan changes as part of the substantive plan.
Martek believes that Celtone M is the only tool now available for determining the three-dimensional (3-D) structures of many medically important human proteins.
Determining the correct amount may require additional calculations.