determining influence

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Also important, she argues, are popular beliefs about children's vulnerability in "the early years" and the determining influence that mothers have on their children--beliefs reflecting Sigmund Freud's and John Bowlby's theories (on the roots of psychological problems and the importance of attachment, respectively).
Notwithstanding these concerns, Caddy's monograph is sure to have a determining influence on musicology's engagement with dance.
If one of the parties challenges any handwriting, signature, seal or fingerprint imputed to him in an ordinary document and the document has a determining influence on the outcome of the dispute, the court must, at the instance of the party submitting the document, determine that an enquiry be conducted by making comparisons, calling for specimens of writing and hearing witnesses as the case may be.
It has a determining influence on economic outcomes and on their social sequels.
In March 2011, Meltwater acquired the social CRM company JitterJam, which developed "Jitterater," a social rating engine for determining influence on social channels.
The correct choice of the law of distortion of the flexible wheel--law which is imposed on the latter by the wave generator--has a determining influence upon the energetic, kinematic performances and upon the durability of the transmission.
Political factors may exercise a determining influence on military operations," noted General George Marshall, "therefore they must be given careful consideration.
At the same time, with the presidential candidate's wishes as the sole determining influence, even fewer checks operate on presidential and vice presidential power because the vice president lacks a separate constituency within the party.
Peculiarities of the cast steel primary structure are inherited even after complete heat treatment and exert determining influence on formation of high speed steel properties.
This can occur only when the erroneous judgement about the indissolubility of the bond has a determining influence on the will's decision because it is prompted by an inner conviction deeply rooted in the contractant's mind and is decisively and stubbornly held by him.
Supporters have an influence and I think it's right that they do but they don't have the determining influence.
He said: "Supporters have an influence and it's right they do but they don't have the determining influence.