determining influence

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Therefore, the actual problem is the development of a mathematical model that allows one to calculate the mechanical characteristics taking into account the change in parameters due to the saturation of the magnetic core and the displacement of the current in the rods of the squirrel-cage winding as having a determining influence on the characteristics of the IM.
I am among those who believe that it's not the language that's the determining influence on the way people think; it's rather the cultural context in which a language is used.
Assignment algorithms based on routes were proposed to solve the model; comparing with each link service level variation at normal circumstances, influenced links could be determined and the method of determining influence area was established.
** Research Project: Determining Influence of Microbial, Feed, and Animal Factors on Efficiency of Nutrient Utilization and Performance in Lactating Dairy Cows
Also important, she argues, are popular beliefs about children's vulnerability in "the early years" and the determining influence that mothers have on their children--beliefs reflecting Sigmund Freud's and John Bowlby's theories (on the roots of psychological problems and the importance of attachment, respectively).
Chinese exceptionalism is cultural.' The relationship between these two giants will be the determining influence in international affairs for the foreseeable future and the scope for structures of peace to be built between them is analyzed through Mendis' unique perspective and wide-angled vision."
Notwithstanding these concerns, Caddy's monograph is sure to have a determining influence on musicology's engagement with dance.
If one of the parties challenges any handwriting, signature, seal or fingerprint imputed to him in an ordinary document and the document has a determining influence on the outcome of the dispute, the court must, at the instance of the party submitting the document, determine that an enquiry be conducted by making comparisons, calling for specimens of writing and hearing witnesses as the case may be.
In compensation for these changes, the ban on acquisitions and on exercising a determining influence on prices will be prolonged.
It has a determining influence on economic outcomes and on their social sequels.
In March 2011, Meltwater acquired the social CRM company JitterJam, which developed "Jitterater," a social rating engine for determining influence on social channels.
The total number of lectures will be around 100, of which 2 plenary lectures (45 minutes each) with determining influence. We want to dedicate more time to important future developments that will shape our society in the following decades and that will noticeably influence research topics and desired properties of man-made fibers.