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In the end, even if some of the work in print culture studies lapses into technological determinism, there is still a great deal of value in the historical research that is being done.
Virtually all of the criticism comes from nontenured professors of higher education and a few practitioners who are firmly wedded to social determinism. "Social determinism has gained much ideological purchase, especially among liberal academics.
By further exploring some of the issues touched upon in the aforementioned debate, I shall make a claim that considerations of prepunishment, as well as related advance actions, which I shall collectively call "preactions," not so much reveal and underscore the radical consequences of compatibilism, but rather, firstly, threaten its collapse into hard determinism, and secondly, cast a shadow of suspicion on determinism itself, thus opening some new, promising avenues for ML, and hence also securing the metaphysical viability of PEL.
Yoder did challenge historical determinism, and he envisioned and participated in discussions that revealed choices rather than inevitable outcomes.
The practical implications of the shift from DNA to environmental determinism is reflected in the recent downsizing of multibillion dollar enterprises that were established a decade ago to identify the anticipated 100,000-plus genes in the human genome, to patent the nucleotide sequence, and then to lease or sell the information to pharmaceutical firms for use in drug discovery.
determinism debate and again found students favoring determinism as a justification--rationalization?
Our understanding of the Nazis, he writes, is confused because of talk of historical determinism and 'the German character'.
Girls were to be trained for "feminine" roles, in curricula that emphasized biological determinism and in a system which privileged clerical schools.
INTEGRITY enhances reliability and determinism by never disabling interrupts during any system call while providing applications guaranteed access to the CPU and memory for critical tasks.
Philosopher Daniel Dennett's analysis of free will and determinism is fatally flawed ("Pulling Our Own Strings," May).
According to Hirschmann-USA (Pine Brook, NJ), a supplier of networking solutions, "Over the past five years, there have been many enhancements to the Ethernet standards, especially in areas of determinism, speed, and prioritization.
Suzanne Bobzien, Determinism and Freedom in Stoic Philosophy.