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The present study investigated the nature of debates surrounding determinism and free will, including its historical and theoretical significance.
What makes essentialism and cultural determinism so problematic is blindness to history and complexity.
In my view, determinism has been proven, if only by the fact that many of us humans are beset with irrational and aberrant brains that cause antisocial behavior that is beyond one's control and doesn't allow for the exercise of free will.
In arguing against determinism, Balaguer first helpfully refines his definition of free will.
My own view is that, if we assume that dependent origination is deterministic, then the Buddha's teaching should be characterized as "soft determinism," the view that determinism is true, that free will (in the moral-responsibility-entailing sense) is real, and that determinism does not entail inevitability (because knowledge of volitional causes and effects renders undesirable actions and outcomes avoidable).
Roughly, the Epistemological Argument asserts that whether determinism is true or not is a matter that will be settled by physics.
He writes in a supercilious tone, full of pronouncements declaring the case for determinism to be conclusive and declaring free will to be an illusion; but he never gives a clear statement of what precisely he thinks the basis is for accepting determinism, requiring the reader to piece together statements from various parts of the book to figure out just what Harris's case is.
To examine the central issues of technological determinism is to ask not only whether we can explain important aspects of social structure and social change by the process of technological change, but also whether we can explain the process of technological change itself.
7] Thompson articulates the perspective of hard determinism in the film.
These findings supported qualitative philosophical definitional distinctions (Runes, 1962) between determinism, which holds that "the will is not free but determined by psychical or physical conditions" (p.
This type of processing job distribution creates a lack of determinism since each job has to check in with the main processor before moving on to the next step.