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The argumentation suffers from occasional internal inconsistency, such as declarations that the Islamic Republic is not deterrable, but then listing occurrences when it was in fact, deterred.
The other problem with the Davis formulation is the Court's belief that recklessness is more deterrable than negligence.
They may not be deterrable no matter what the cost to their own population.
Unintended consequences and accidents are simply not deterrable.
Desirable types, however, are often more deterrable than
167) This vision of the typical criminal not only seems intuitively more blameworthy than the rank-and-file perpetrator swept up in the "maelstrom of violence," but also, perhaps, more deterrable.
The tenets of deterrence almost certainly apply to state sponsors of terrorism, and while traditional deterrence through the threat of retaliation is less likely to be effective with terrorists than with state actors, it is worth further study to assess which terrorists or groups may be deterrable and by what methods.
Our results do not necessarily imply that all murders are deterrable.
It may be that the mad mullahs aren't deterrable, since they claim to welcome mass martyrdom.
13) Thus, what will be argued here is in disagreement with the position of the Model Penal Code, which claims, "[T]he defendant whose crime results from an entrapment is neither less reprehensible or dangerous, nor more reformable or deterrable, than other defendants who are properly convicted.
An example is deliberately spitting in a person's face, a criminal assault but because minor readily deterrable by the levying of what amounts to a civil fine through a suit for damages for the tort of battery.