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Undertaking at-sea trials of the chosen deterrent method to determine its effectiveness
There is, therefore, a genuine question over whether, if the UK's foreign policy ever ventured far from that of the USA, the UK's nuclear deterrent would still be available or would the US simply pull the plug?
"So we're very, very clear - having a nuclear deterrent is a very important part of our defence policy.
Meantime, Professor Jones has written an excellent description of Britain's quest for a sovereign and independent strategic nuclear deterrent. Completely mastering his sources, Jones has produced a compelling work of lasting significance.
No-one would want to see that happen, but a deterrent has to be powerful enough for it not to be worthwhile breaking the rules, and surely the knowledge that disqualification is a genuine possibility is the only approach that will work.
This stern punishment served as an effective deterrent as no child was reportedly molested and murdered in the next decade or so.
The BIO-MD prodrug abuse deterrent and MPAR overdose resistant pain platforms, with worldwide intellectual patent protection, eliminate the ability to abuse opioid products by the non-oral route.
A party source said: "Trident will be renewed come what may, continuous at-sea deterrent."
Having established a preliminary, sea-based arm of its nuclear deterrent, Pakistan Navy has unveiled a Very Low Frequency (VLF) communication facility.
But the Dolphins apparently play a much larger role in Israel's self-defense plans; reports indicate that they will carry a portion of Israel's nuclear deterrent, in the form of nuclear-armed, submarine-launched cruise missiles.
For the time being, the east and west and South Zagros oil and gas exploitation companies are using the deterrent. The East oil and gas exploitation company is annually using about 113 of the deterrent - the foreign-made one.
Britain was forced to base its nuclear deterrent on the Clyde so that American sailors could enjoy nights out in nearby Glasgow.