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strategy to engage China while simultaneously deterring aggression and assuring allies.
The types of information and the understanding of a country or group and its leaders necessary for deterring that actor would also be useful for developing dissuasion strategies for that actor.
Consider an incumbent's profit in any entry deterring equilibrium where exactly the limit output is produced by the oligopoly.
Aphids hate the stuff, and it will go a long way in deterring them.
Among the significant gaps in the majority's reasoning is its failure to consider the individual and social ramifications of deterring any student (whether or not they use drugs) from participating in after school activities.
So the committee proposed that families would be forced to send their third and subsequent children to be brought up in workhouses, freeing mothers to work, while still keeping down wages, and deterring marriage and childbearing.
The policy objectives that seem relevant and that will be addressed in the study include (1) deterring market manipulation; (2) deterring fraud and protecting certain counterparties to financial transactions; (3) promoting the financial integrity of markets by limiting potential losses from counterparty defaults; (4) providing legal certainty with respect to the enforceability of contracts; (5) regulatory parity, that is, avoiding significant competitive disparities across financial markets and institutions; (6) appropriately limiting systemic risk; and (7) harmonizing regulations internationally.
Lowering recidivism rates, deterring crime, and allowing human beings to retain some semblance of dignity are the true goals of imprisonment.
explanation of benefits (and other fraud deterring processes) may be of value
Most of UNIFIL is an expensive joke and an illustration of why the United Nations has failed so miserably in its central task of keeping the peace and deterring aggression among nations.
Educators and law enforcement must work together to develop a new way of operating--a method of deterring unnecessary disturbances.