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During her eight-year tenure at HUB, Deters played a key role in improving employee engagement, as well as supporting over 35 acquisitions annually.
Presumably, this rule is intended to deter repeated instances of aggressive play.
What does one need to know in order to deter in each case?
Deters said he expected to bring murder charges against the couple soon.
Public officials argue that stiff fines are a deterrent, but in fact history has proven they do little to deter violations and certainly they don't deter jaywalking, or in this case make an elderly person walk faster.
where Z [equivalent to] (a - 2[square root of bF])/g is the limit output that just deters entry.
Although SROs are the only individuals in the school setting who have the authority and ability to make arrests, an SRO's primary purpose is to deter students from trouble and encourage them to be active, positive participants in their school communities.
ROAD and rail noise deter more people from viewing a property than almost anything else, a survey has found.
The researchers suggest that the potential for creating acrylate somehow deters predators.
Mazel also noted a fee could deter less affluent owners from filing a protest just as the index number fee often deters them from continuing with a meritorious case.
Carolyn Deters, telecomm analyst for IDS, says the company used to rely on a mainframe-based TSO (time sharing option) facilities control system tied to its Northern Telecom Meridian SL-1 PBX.