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She set her lips firmly together, and there was a look in her face which alone was quite sufficient to deter Mr.
White Fang had never seen such a dog (it was a mastiff); but the size and fierce aspect of the intruder did not deter him.
The Indictment concluded by declaring that, in the event of the offense charged against the prisoner being found proven by the Verdict, he, the said Eustace Macallan, "ought to be punished with the pains of the law, to deter others from committing like crimes in all time coming.
I could endure it for myself, but for my son it must be borne no longer: the world's opinion and the feelings of my friends must be alike unheeded here, at least - alike unable to deter me from my duty.
With a half-authoritative, half-deprecating wave of the hand, he sought to deter me from ringing.
There are other consequences, not indeed so dreadful or replete with horror as this; and yet such, as, if attentively considered, must, one would think, deter all of your sex at least from the commission of this crime.
Jim Deters, co-founder and CEO of Denver-based Galvanize LLC and ColoradoBiz magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year, is strictly a sniper, obsessively seeking his target.
Deters as Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Corporate Initiatives.
Vile as nuclear weapons are, it is the very fact of their vileness that deters even the most ruthless dictator from using them.
9) For instance, one deters WMD use but dissuades acquisition of WMD.
Prosecutor Joe Deters told a court in Cincinnatti, Ohio, that, as Marcus cried out in fear, they turned on a fan and left him.
It is not the punishment that deters violators, it is the certainty of getting caught that is the deterrent.