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She lived in Paris, which she pretended to detest, because it was only in Paris that one could find things to exactly suit one's complexion.
I detest all those artists, and all those writers, and all politicos who are thieves; and I would go even farther and higher, laying a curse on all idle lovers of women.
No, I really detest them all; but Harry Meltham is the handsomest and most amusing, and Mr.
I could stand the aunts, but there are dozens of cousins, dreadful boys all of them, and I detest boys
I detest such creatures; and it would be much better for them that their faces had been seamed with the smallpox; but I must confess, I never saw any of this wanton behaviour in poor Jenny: some artful villain, I am convinced, hath betrayed, nay perhaps forced her; and I pity the poor wretch with all my heart.
Not envious, let us say, since he has talent; but it annoys him that a wealthy man of the highest society, and a count, too (you know they all detest a title), can, without any particular trouble, do as well, if not better, than he who has devoted all his life to it.
Yet you, my creator, detest and spurn me, thy creature, to whom thou art bound by ties only dissoluble by the annihilation of one of us.
Although a great many IT professionals detest offshore outsourcing, it seems to be a movement that is not going away anytime soon.
EVERY day it becomes clearer how much the Tories detest the BBC, a broadcaster which is the envy of the world.
Pioneers who fought the good fight will always detest the word, used only when it preceded gay bashings, cruel arrests, murder.
He does not have enough material on hand to make a major motion picture of himself, but just enough to explain himself to the world and to launch a nasty broadside against the one institution which he has come to loathe and detest, the Catholic Church.
And how in retrospect I detest those flights of fancy, even as I recognize that without the sympathies of women whose intimacies I pretend were mere preludes to my eventual coming out, I'd never have tapped those wishes I now, with false confidence, disregarding ambiguity, call "queer.