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Nine out of ten Britons detest camping, according to travel website Holiday Extras.
DETEST He said: "We have reached an impasse with Andrew.
Sue Detest has been promoted to executive director of the Student Loan Guarantee Foundation of Arkansas.
They detest the jams, the lack of parking and the one-way systems.
I may detest what a man says, but I defend his right to say it.
I DETEST the European Parliament which is made up of has-been politicians and countless hangers-on.
The judge said: "The citizens of this country and the people of Gloucester abhor drug dealers and detest those who sell heroin.
These are people who detest being defined by their sexuality, who feel taxes and national security are more important than basic civil rights.
Terry himself has sagely noted that Classical architectural grammar remains neutral, like the paint on an artist's palette, so what his disparagers detest is clearly the mere existence of any grammar at all.
But even with all this background, many polls show that most Muslims in the Middle East detest the present policies of the U.
181), detest getting a lesser reward from experimenters than other chimps do, they show no desire to spread their own wealth with unrelated chimps, the scientists report in the Oct.