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But the OIC is yet to wake up to the detestable moves (perpetrated) to hurt the sentiments of the Muslims," he had added.
Turning sentient beings into living targets is detestable. It's time that we said "No more!" Jennifer White People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Turning sentient beings into living targets for the perverted pleasure of gunning them down is detestable.
But James Belushi can't rescue his detestable carousel operator and given the real-life controversy surrounding Allen's past, there's no escaping the discomfort you feel watching the way he treats his female characters here.
While dissent cannot be suppressed, such acts are detestable and should be denounced in the strongest term.
Gutierrez said the men became more aggressive when she when her friends warned them to stop their detestable behaviour.
آ آ آ It added that the conference is expected to issue a comprehensive Arab document to combat terrorism and extremist thought since the phenomenon of terrorism has become a detestable threat to the Arab countries and societies in the present and future.
He underlined that the enemy was after thwarting Iran's progress through supporting and strengthening terrorist groups by presenting a distorted and detestable image of Islam to the world.
Tuesday is a very special day for all Kenyans and it is detestable for the National Super Alliance to purport to hold a parallel event on the same day.
The first is that there is a need to punish the Palestinian Authority for its detestable practice of paying bonuses to terrorists and their families for killing and maiming Israelis.
US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, appearing at a high-stakes Senate hearing, on Tuesday denounced as "an appalling and detestable lie" the idea that he colluded with Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign.
to email my detestable old friend who refuses to be happy.