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India only recently stated that it has decided to hold its nose and do business with a detested regime suspected of involvement in a drug trade that is harming thousands of Indians.
Maggie Thatcher, fought for Britain abroad, but was detested by most of the electorate at home.
IN ALL my 66 years I have never detested a Prime Minister more than I detest, Tony Blair, not even Margaret Thatcher matches my contempt.
Just to show up a detested coach, he decides to go out for two sports in a season, football and cross-country, though the training involved is draining and he's juggling a part-time job as well.
Using Morrison's fiction as foundation, Dickerson deftly draws a picture of the detested but necessar y black female body as it shifts into ambiguity (to borrow from the introduction) and claims its other within a space of spiritual and mental liminality.
We are back," said Spencer to a luncheon crowd of about 50, to his left the detested N.
The person Wise had detested became his closest friend and they enlisted together in the RAAF serving in an Australian Flying Boat Squadron with RAF Coastal Command in Britain.
Born in Belgium, a country he detested, Michaux became a naturalized Frenchman, but photographs, like the touching portrait by Brassai reproduced in the Whitechapel catalogue, show he remained the severe and phlegmatic Walloon.
The letters showed me that it was really Lorena who counseled Eleanor on how to transform an ineffectual role she detested into a position of power and influence.
Katidis, 20, pleaded ignorance of the meaning of his gesture - right arm extended and hand straightened - and claimed on Twitter that he detested fascism.
Dear Editor, Proof that no one leaves Downing Street entirely sane is evident in that Mr Blair apparently has not the faintest clue that, after George Bush, he is the most detested man in the Middle East - an assassin's dream ticket.