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51) Henry Parker, in his Discourse concerning Puritans (1641), complained of the crudity of attacks on Puritans by the Laudian clergy, which encouraged the common people ("the vulgar") to spread about monstrous calumnies concerning the Puritans: "Neither could this audacity be so prevalent amongst the vulgar, but that Scholars, and the greatest of the Clergie are now become the most injurious detesters and depravers of Puritans, having taken up in Pulpits and Presses, almost as vile and scurrilous a licence of fiction and detraction, as is usuall in Play-houses, Taverns, and Bordelloes.
Dylan was in two minds about them, so Wales was in two minds about him: he had detesters as well as admirers.
While this result is consistent with our prediction of CEM behavior and thus corroborates the general findings we reported in the preceding section, it also falls in line with the notion that some firms are systematic "zero lovers" and/or "nine detesters.