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The history of this country is, however, rich with such precedents when elected leaders have not only been dethroned but even jailed and sent to the gallows through court judgements.
They have also dismissed speculation that the loss of the symbolically important items could see him dethroned, New York Daily news reported.
MADRID: Novak Djokovic dethroned clay king Rafa Nadal on the Spaniard's home soil and maintained his perfect season when he beat the world number one 7-5 6-4 to win the Madrid Masters title Sunday.
Tiger Woods believes his game is slowly coming together as he prepares to start the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational in Akron which could end with him being dethroned as world number one.
3 Bernard Hopkins was world middleweight champion until being dethroned by which fighter in 2005?
Paddy, aged 40, dethroned his American rival, Rob Powell, after completing the all-day fitness challenge.
For seven consecutive years, the team won title after title, until last year, when it was dethroned by El Camino Real.
But even they have followers who are not going to sit back while their leaders are dethroned by the Western world.
The old VW camper van has long been a favourite with surfersm but now it is poised to be dethroned by the newcomer.
However, all the available evidence points to using bio-identical hormones over the now dethroned, non-bioidentical Premarin, Provera, and all their synthetic hormone cousins.
Cynthia is dethroned by the superior power of Mutability.