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20) Lewis, "The Dethronement of Power," Understanding The Lord of the Rings: the Best of Tolkien Criticism (Rose A.
Flassy refers in this context to madeg pandito (1999: 11) a well-known phrase related to President Soeharto's stepping down in May 1998 and meaning dethronement.
This dethronement of the epic raises questions about Davies's choice of Merrill in the first place, since she could have devoted a chapter to other queer poets like Essex Hemphill.
19) On the one hand, it might be argued, as Laurence Brockliss has done with regard to France, that in Scotland the professional appropriation of mineral waters 'played a definite role in the dethronement of Galenism as the establishment medical orthodoxy'.
8) See Robert Graves, "The Castration of Uranus" and "The Dethronement of Cronus" in The Greek Myths, 37-44.
years, because these elections provide an opportunity to launch the process of dethronement of the ruling regime.
In part this brisk dethronement is driven by an ever more powerful global art market, zealously striving to generate demand for new, salable products.
By the beginning of the 19th century, it had largely accomplished all these aims, as the final dethronement, first of the restored Bourbons, then of the Napoleons, in France demonstrated.
BSA is primarily run by Mohammed Irfan, a broadcast consultant, who undertook his first Libyan project for Dubai-based Al n TV following the dethronement of Gaddafi.
Even Anstey saw the potential for progress: '[the war] will assuredly end in revolution and the dethronement of monarchs.
A change of affections: The development, dynamics, and dethronement of John Wesley's "heart religion.