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Five of the defendants were sentenced to life behind bars for premeditated murder, joining a terrorist group and detonating a bomb.
BEIRUT: The sound of an explosion on Lebanon's southern border in Marjayoun's Wazzani late Tuesday evening may have been a land mine detonating on the Israeli side, the Hezbollah affiliated War Media Center reported Wednesday.
The mayor further revealed that the suicide bomber bought a cigarette lighter from the shop and began threatening the shop keeper that he wants to die with him and immediately started detonating the grenade to the people in front of the shop.
Pre Qualification: The Bidder Should Be A Manufacturer Of Detonating Fuse Of Size 8 Gram/Metre (Or) Above Size.
The suicide bomber also died after detonating herself and an autopsy has revealed that she was pregnant.
SALAHAL-DIN/ Aswat al-Iraq: Security sources said here today that five civilians were killed and wounding 22 more in detonating a house that belonged to a military Captain, mid of Tikrit city.
Five men found guilty of detonating bombs in Manama have each been sentenced to 30 years behind bars.
In his statement, Abubakar had also admitted to detonating the explosive device.
The Bill states a person charged with detonating a nuclear bomb can only be tried in the District Court where the maximum fine is EUR10,000.
It is being investigated as the attempted murder of the police officers because it seems he waited for them to get close before detonating.
Her husband Ali Shammari, died after detonating his belt at the crowded wedding ballroom at the Radisson hotel--the worst of three attacks.
The bomb squad, fire marshal and local authorities responded and ended up detonating the explosives late Wednesday afternoon.