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-The explosives control teams in the Civil Defense in Najaf was able to lift 126 detonators and 4 hand grenades from a waste dump away from Qamar Bani Hashim School in Al-Mukrama district, 25 meters away.
The CE4 Tagger is a one-of-a-kind hand-held tool that can write the delay time to the detonator during tagging and allows the user to wirelessly control the blast.
Additional benefits include the ability to download the full detonator list and access the full-blast design with a helicopter view and blast plan simulation.
Staff working on the line noticed the detonators had gone.
POLICE have warned that people could be blinded or maimed after railway detonators were stolen from a train track.
The life- size bomb prototype shown to Shinde was fitted with the same detonators and circuit as the original bomb.
This is predefined by sufficient displacement of the detonator's stud with respect to the capsule during interaction process of the detonator's cap and the soil.
One of the detonators was so volatile it exploded even as it was being bagged up for evidence.
The three-year-old Detonator ran in June and was one of the 88 rather than the seven, but he actually greatly improved on his autumn two-year-old form last month when going close in useful company in a 1m2f handicap at Pontefract.
Each detonator is a two-and-a-half inch diameter flat round disc.
The mobile phone rigged to be used as a detonator in the bomb - a system also used in the other bombs - is their first big break in the case.
A stick of dynamite is not very dangerous until a detonator is installed (with the help of this tool).