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Staff working on the line noticed the detonators had gone.
POLICE have warned that people could be blinded or maimed after railway detonators were stolen from a train track.
The life- size bomb prototype shown to Shinde was fitted with the same detonators and circuit as the original bomb.
He called back the search team, who uncovered three pressure plates, detonation cord, four commercial detonators and four homemade detonators - the first of their kind to be found in Afghanistan.
Bradford Crown Court heard police had found the detonator in March at an address on Lightcliffe Road, Crosland Moor, where Campbell was staying.
That he was ridden from the front that day, despite it being first time out, probably illustrated confidence in his stamina as much as his fitness, and Detonator was duly stepped up to 1m4f when next seen in a six-runner handicap at Ripon.
But they are warning people that if they come across any of the the detonators, they should avoid touching them.
Hours later, police find a van with detonators and a cassette tape with verses from the Koran at a train station through which all of the bombed trains had passed.
Bomb disposal experts defused the device, comprised of nitrate fuel and a battery linked to seven detonators,all contained in a plastic box.
The cause of the accident, which occurred at the company's detonator production facilities, is not yet known, the official said.
Crayne Horton, founder of Fish, said that the new Detonator Double Bock label will depict a dam on Washington's Elwa River that has been identified as a threat to the survival of a wild salmon run.
Nobel's first detonator used gunpowder, but by 1865 it was replaced by mercury fulminate, the first molecular initiating explosive put to commercial use.