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A statement by Guterres said that "any unilateral decision to hold a referendum at this time would detract from the need to defeat Daesh".
"But their situation didn't detract from our win then and the situation they're in right now won't detract from what we've achieved next week if we can win the Ramsdens Cup.
The council said proposed alterations to the building - including satellite dishes to be put on the outside - were "undesirable" and would "detract from the character and setting of the Castle Street Conservation Area and Liverpool's Maritime Mercantile City World Heritage Site".
"I'm glad it doesn't detract from my work, I hope it doesn't!
These events are constitutional right and nobody has the right to disable it or detract it.
"As a public representative I have received threats before and this latest one will in no way detract me from carrying out my work on behalf of the people who elect me.
ISLAMABAD, November 09, 2009 (Balochistan Times): Youngsters fun created problem for commuters of highways and motorways as the LCD installed in the motorcars detract attention and may cause a grave problem for commuters.
ENGLAND captain John Terry insists a spitting incident involving Croatia striker Ivan Klasnic should not detract from the joy of Fabio Capello's side reaching the 2010 World Cup finals.
Summary: Alan Shearer insists his return to St James' Park as temporary manager cannot detract from the serious situation the club are in.
City of Durham Trust chairman Roger Cornwell said: "While Durham City Council deserves credit for attempting to improve the city lighting, it is important to remember the city is a conservation area and the lighting must not detract from the jewels of the city."
It cannot detract from the great buildings of the Town Hall and Council House.
A tapering of the copper scrap frenzy may also show some strain in the ferrous supply, as a combination of lower red metals pricing and a worked-through inventory of copper scrap could detract from overall peddler traffic.