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Council bosses also say the mess is detracting from the appearance of the sandstone Victorian town hall in the heart of Paisley.
Steve Reardon of the Cardiff branch of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers said that while some schools need to keep money back for future projects, schools which are hoarding huge amounts of money are detracting from the union's funding fight.
Judges also noted the way the newsletter's mission and subtitle, "Your guide to charitable giving and estate planning," was tucked to the right of the nameplate, where it supports the publication's purpose without detracting from the white space framing the nameplate.
The magic is in his ability to subtly blend an ecologist's perspective and a naturalist's sensitivity without detracting from either.
Without detracting from Ford's achievement, one can say that the flow-through manufacturing approach was a long time in development in other businesses, where the best organization of work was also part of the story of industrial invention.
Dershewitz says simple safety precautions can prevent sledding accidents without detracting from the fun of the sport.