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A spokesman for Renfrewshire Council yesterday said: "There have been some problems with wild pigeons roosting on ledges of the town hall, detracting from the building's appearance.
The magic is in his ability to subtly blend an ecologist's perspective and a naturalist's sensitivity without detracting from either.
Without detracting from Ford's achievement, one can say that the flow-through manufacturing approach was a long time in development in other businesses, where the best organization of work was also part of the story of industrial invention.
Dershewitz says simple safety precautions can prevent sledding accidents without detracting from the fun of the sport.
Additionally, classes B, C, and D have continued to accrue interest shortfalls detracting from potential principal recoveries.
Councilman Mike Feuer said the tenor of the debate was detracting from efforts to solve problems.
As much as the miraculous crappiness of the found artificial trees inspired his practice, McCarthy's challenge is how to respond to their overwhelming actuality without detracting from it.
Cleverly designed, built-in security measures are highly effective without detracting from the top-quality look and feel of a GunSafe cabinet.
But I think we have to make a distinction of when something adds to our tradition or if it's detracting from an important principle.
The invisibleSHIELD(TM) is a transparent film covering that protects iPods from dust and dirt particles that can scratch and damage the devices, without detracting from the elegant iPod design.
In addition, the B, C, and D classes have continued to accrue interest shortfalls detracting from recovery expectations on those classes.