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Indeed, like pastoral texts, early modern tongue treatises usually open on a definition of slander and a distinction between several forms of detraction: the difference between "whispering" and "backbiting" is often mentioned, the former being defined as secret detraction, while the latter is defined as open defamation.
To another question, the prime minister said marchers were staging sitins in Islamabad, while we [the government] are doing their work and the government will continue to function without any detraction.
The procedure for detraction from academic degrees (MSc or PhD) at the University is initiated if obtained based on false thesis or dissertation.
Despite efficient floor plan: and good use of space, she says "a lack of outdoor living space can be a detraction from the house and could affect the value by 3 to 4 percent.
The reconfiguration allowed for the combining of homes and incorporating columns so that they would not be a detraction from the layouts," said Adrienne Albert, CEO of The Marketing Directors.
Drunk places came with a stigma like The Bowery, The Combat Zone (which had the added detraction of strippers performing for intoxicated people) and, of course, Australia.
The only detraction rests with the publisher; they should have paid more attention to the publication quality of the photographs throughout the book, such as those found in Carl Fredrick Geust's Red Stars series.
This isn't necessarily a detraction, as many children might enjoy learning the new words and phrases.
On one hand the prices for soft commodities are rising on expectations of the crop detraction this year.
Anything that destroys the historical integrity of the home is a big detraction.
The conferring of such a power on a police officer would be a substantial, and indeed radical, detraction from the fundamental freedoms which have been guaranteed to the citizen by the common law for centuries," he added.
This does not amount to a significant detraction because the prime purpose is to use the early (mainly LANDSAT) images to provide a glacier benchmark, or "snapshot" (1972-81) that will facilitate study of glacier change with both earlier and more recent records.