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With these tools in place, contact center agents are now equipped to not only hear the voice of the customer, but respond to it with timely, accurate information--creating advocates and converting detractors along the way.
In doing so, we become what many in the customer experience and loyalty industry refer to as 'detractors' of the company--and detractors are very bad for business.
Post-measurement results (n = 221) showed that the proportion of detractors was significantly lower among respondents who received the newsletters compared to those who received no e-zines.
Foundrymen have traditionally been most concerned with quality detractors such as hydrogen and volumetric shrinkage porosity, misruns and dimensional issues, according to C.
Daxas (roflumilast): Could concerns about weight loss and GI side effects be preventing Detractors from recommending Daxas?
While Detractors spend lags the average customer by only $158, their negative word-of-mouth behavior represents a significant hidden cost and net drain on future revenue," said Nowinski.
E[acute accent]The Net Promoter Score(TM) (NPS) of a company is calculated by taking the percentage of customers who are promoters (P) and subtracting the percentage who are detractors (D), based on their response to the 'Ultimate Question:' "How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or a colleague?
In Pakistan, there is no dearth of detractors within.
If there ever was a time to show patriotism, by vigorously supporting our country and its values and being prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors, it's now.
when SC deprives IK's detractors from doing accusatory stories of corruption, they create stories of his "marriage"
The President is already used to persistent tirades of his detractors, most especially Senator Trillanes, who has been attacking him and his family since the 2016 National Elections,' he said.
One can only believe that the retention rates for Passives and Detractors doesn't paint a pretty picture either.