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Hooda's detractors have also cited the party's poor performance in the recent general elections, in which the party lost eight out of nine seats it had clinched in the 2009 LS polls, to demand Hooda's ouster.
A company's NPS can range from -100 to +100, depending on how many promoter and detractor customers they have.
The detractor has written to the couple warning them that their enlightened topiary will bring a curse upon their Grade II listed home, the Daily Mail reports.
Foundrymen have traditionally been most concerned with quality detractors such as hydrogen and volumetric shrinkage porosity, misruns and dimensional issues, according to C.
Data also reveals flaws in Net Promoter Score (NPS), which overestimates brand detractors across industries - including in financial services (527%), computers/electronics (264%) and retail (222%)
In comparison, each Detractor can cost a business 0.
Indeed, the main reason JFK continues to command attention is that his various identities seem both inexhaustible and incompatible, to champion and detractor alike: bootlegger's son, Harvard man, World War II hero, feckless junior senator, cutthroat politician, civil rights champion, Cold Warrior, liberal, tax-cutter, Rat Packer, family man, womanizer, martyr--the list is virtually endless.
While more and more universities create nanotechnology degree programs, companies are evenly split as to whether they are an advantage or a detractor.
We'll learn who our opponent is by evening's end, but until the curtain comes down, our intrepid anchor team from Atlanta bring us a series of reports and in-studio guests: retired generals, pundits, men on the streets, war supporters and the occasional detractor.
E[acute accent]'Bad profits' are generated by a company's failure to deliver on a promise; deceives a customer or takes advantage of a customer's inability to easily switch to a competitor's services, reaping rewards at the customer's expense and creating a detractor in the process.
Given all the negative interest shown by our media folks, it may be a detractor at this point,'' Leyva said.
About Afghanistan, he said, Pakistan will continue to support all efforts for enduring and permanent peace in Afghanistan and warned against detractors and spoilers of these efforts.