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You must admit, Hirst, that a little Italian town even would vulgarise the whole scene, would detract from the vastness--the sense of elemental grandeur.
Nor will it detract from the interest they will all feel when they learn that the man whom madame entertained is a Russian servant--her brother's valet, to be quite exact.
Your picture is so fine that my observation cannot detract from it, and, besides, it is only my personal opinion.
And that would detract from the especial alarming significance we wish to give to the act.
Let me not be considered as wishing to detract from the merits of the former gentlemen.
Avdotya Romanovna was remarkably good looking; she was tall, strikingly well-proportioned, strong and self-reliant--the latter quality was apparent in every gesture, though it did not in the least detract from the grace and softness of her movements.
There is a subplot involving Emily's best friend, Jane, and a girl who bullies Jane about her weight, but this neither adds to nor detracts from the story.
Answering our critics on their terms detracts from our ability to advocate for justice on our own terms.
False or inaccurate information not only detracts from a message, it also puts your credibility at risk.
Part I of the book, which contains almost a half of the chapters, is particularly general and while it raises important issues, students may find that it detracts from a detailed explanation of what policy analysis and practice actually entails.
If Buckler employs the distracting vocabulary of contemporary literary theory, which often obscures her meaning and detracts from the book's overall excellence, she nonetheless conveys the sense of complexity and mystery that defines, and always has defined, Saint Petersburg.
Anything that conveys that message detracts from the integrity and moral authority of the school and its ability to educate students.