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Any loss or harm to a person or property; relinquishment of a legal right, benefit, or something of value.

Detriment is most frequently applied to contract formation, since it is an essential element of consideration, which is a prerequisite of a legally enforceable contract. To incur detriment means to cement a promise by either refraining from doing something that one has a legal right to do or by doing something that one is not under any legal obligation to do.


noun adulteration, adversity, affliction, aggravation, atrophy, bane, bedevilment, blemish, blow, collapse, contamination, corrosion, corruption, cost, crippling, damage, damnum, decadence, decay, deformation, degeneration, demolishment, deprivation, destruction, detraction, detrimentum, dilapidation, disablement, disadvantage, disintegration, disorder, disturbance, erosion, evil, forfeit, forfeiture, handicap, harm, hurt, impairment, impotence, inadequacy, incommodum, inconvenience, ineffectualness, inefficiency, inexpedience, inexpediency, injuriousness, insufficiency, laming, liability, loss, misfortune, obstacle, poisoning, pollution, prejudice, privation, ruin, ruination, undesirability, undoing, unprofitability, weakness
Associated concepts: legal detriment
See also: damage, disadvantage, disservice, drawback, expense, handicap, harm, hindrance, impairment, injury, mischief, prejudice, sacrifice
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ASIC considers that significant consumer detriment may arise in relation to a particular model designed to provide short term credit at high cost to vulnerable consumers.
Le match de classement avait ete remporte par la Zambie au detriment du Ghana (1-0).
Or have their officials been in collusion with these entities to the detriment of the consumers?
Baseball's measures seem hardly to the detriment of competitive sport.
"The destabilisation that Iran has brought to its neighbours is to the detriment of the whole region."
'Members of the Governing Council believe appointments should follow a systemic and institutional trend', the release stresses, and further argues, 'In fact, if you take into consideration also the UP appointees with tenure jobs, those still occupying their positions and those in foreign service, no doubt, UP enjoys a huge portion of the government to our collective detriment.'
If the bank's plan in response to ring-fencing norms is likely to cause material detriment to their scheme, they will first require the watchdog's clearance to go ahead.
This is the eleventh In the circumstances, we do not consider that the claimant has established he was subject to detriment and, accordingly, his claim fails."
"The agreement makes clear that the Barnett formula will remain and that the block grant will be adjusted annually to ensure no detriment to Scotland.
There is also the human cost, with uncertainty for staff, which may be a detriment to services, all at a time when authorities should be concentrating on delivering good services, which they are trying to do with greatly reduced budgets.
of pounds or "I became aware early on beautiful artwork does not have to cost hundreds of pounds or cause a detriment to our surroun dings."
Greater purchasing power and a growing middle class have led to an increase in the purchase of goods in the premium brand range to the detriment of basic commodities, it was reported (April 28, 2014).