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We have not observed quartz grains that could be definitely identified as detrital in any mount as yet.
To simulate the changes in detrital biomass, enzyme hydrolyzable amino acids (EHAA), and growth potentials during degradation, a computer model was constructed using the STELLA[R] software package.
The soil of the k phase consists predominantly of detrital mineral grains ranging in diameter from 10 [micro]m to 1000 [micro]m, and some scarce fine material.
Quantitative analysis of detrital modes: statistically rigorous confidence region in ternary diagrams and their use in sediment petrology.
Mg with a detrital origin is known to be genetically related to clay minerals [6, 7, 30].
This paper presents ages of detrital zircon grains in a quartz arenite sample from an interbed in the conglomerate-dominated central part of the Horton Group sequence as a further step in investigating the source of the Horton Group sediments deposited in the Isle Madame area.
The crust contains three types of iron ore-bearing material: large haematite / goethite type iron oxide, canga type oxidised ores and detrital ore.
The qualitative and quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis established that its major minerals include detrital minerals like quartz and feldspars, with an average content of 45%, as well as clay minerals like kaolinite, andreattite and illite, with an average content of 37% (Table 1).
a sedimentary rock predominantly composed of calcite (a crystalline mineral form of calcium carbonate) of organic, chemical or detrital origin.
Here we also present the first detrital zircon data from the Halifax Group, which complement previous provenance studies conducted in the Goldenville and Rockville Notch groups (Krogh and Keppie 1990; Murphy et al.
In this context, detrital zircon chronology appears to be a promising tool for provenance analysis of Baltic sedimentary basins.