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The decrease in the bulk density of detritus by about one third is induced by humus accumulation and the progress of the A-horizon, but is also due to the pedogenetic loosening of the top of initial detritus.
Detritus is the collective name for soil, leaves, grit and other vegetative matter that gathers on roads and pavements.
Les detritus, la salete, les eaux stagnantes et nauseabondes envahissent pratiquement toutes les rues et ruelles du centre ville de Casablanca.
High Cr/Ni (DMG: 5.23; MF: 6.17) and moderate CrN (DMG: 3.96; MF: 3.88) ratios suggest significant contributions from mafic and ultramafic detritus derived from Muslim Bagh-Zhob Ophiolite.
Before his assigned cleaner could get to clean the floor and walls, however, she first had to convince him to throw out 95 percent of the detritus that had been choking his life for decades.
If you sweep it to avoid detritus building up and wash it every once in a while - with a stiff bristle brush and hot water with washing-up liquid - the paving will always look good.
Les benevoles se sont fixes comme objectif de la debarrasser des detritus jetes par les visiteurs et qui s'y sont accumules depuis des mois.
Houston, TX, September 19, 2015 --( Artist Luz Maria Sanchez opens her latest show: detritus today, September 19, 2015 from 7- 9 pm at She Works Flexible gallery in Houston, Texas.
It looks as if a lorry load of paper and other detritus has been strewn along the verges, into hedges, etc.
Many artists today regularly use material that could be considered "garbage," "trash," "detritus," "rubbish," "cast-offs," etc.
And with autumn in full swing, it seems a good time to dig into one of the band's online releases, the downbeat and wistful "Detritus.''
The detritus that was mentioned (hard muck) is a sight that features right across the town.