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detritus is a multi-media installation that pulls images from the 2006-2012 "war on drugs" in Mexico, declared by [then] President Felipe Calderon.
This is the reason as to why weeds are seen growing up along the sides of walls and pavements, as they can only grow where detritus remains.
occurred in >5% of samples) dietary categories were identified: chironomid larvae; ephemeropteran nymphs; simuliid larvae; trichopteran larvae; unknown invertebrates; amorphous detritus.
There are seven headline indicators, namely litter, detritus, graffiti, flyposting, recent leaf and blossom fall, weed growth and staining, which are used to give an overall picture of how clean England is.
It has cleaned the path from the John Cottons site in Huddersfield Road up to Bradley lights and back on the opposite side removing detritus and litter.
Maria and Lucas are carried away by the surge and when the water eventually recedes, they hobble through mud and detritus in search of survivors.
They're going to lay down tracks and have helpers push gullible gawpers along, amid the debris and detritus that inevitably accumulates in such forgotten places.
Wednesday, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, UO campus; showing of "Waste Land," which focuses on Vik Muniz, an artist who creates portraits with detritus and then photographs them as "photographic delusions"; free; 541-346-2037 or www.
This cautionary feature reminds end-users of the diaphragm's sole purpose, thus reducing the risk that it will be left in the system after exposure to passivation chemicals and preventing possible contamination from detritus or anodic components becoming embedded in the diaphragm face.
One thing's for certain: it won't be draining away any time soon because all the gullies in every gutter are blocked with summer's detritus.
Discarding detritus deserves draconian fines, but even just pounds 10 per offence, properly enforced, would clean up this still very dirty city.
For describing the areas the composition of sediments has been used: sands, clays, lacustrine chalk, marl, sandy gyttja clayey gyttja detritus gyttja calcareous gyttja, and peat.