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Prior to its adoption, crises used to fiercely devaluate the currencies of crisis-ridden countries by up to 25 percent, as in the case of the Spanish peseta, and 40 percent in the case of the Finnish Mark.
This initiative will largely remove the mortgages that in relation with privatization have been accompanying this party; second, it will devaluate or remove the key subject around which Gruevski's party is conducting the political struggle and defining, in some way, the basic conflict on the political scene and the social arena, thus opening all the weaknesses of the authority in this regard.
Nikovski believes that Macedonia in resolving the name issue with Greece should be guided by the Interim Accord and must not devaluate its negotiating positions.
Despite a nosedive in the value of the South Korean won and market speculation that China might devaluate the yuan, Kuroda said he does not see the spread of protectionism in the region at present, but called for monitoring protectionist moves among each other.
In its statement, the bank said that it would allow the rouble to devaluate against the euro and dollar up to a point equivalent to 36 roubles to the dollar.
The market might appreciate the already realized sales and profits in the current tough market environment when currencies on the company's key export markets devaluate substantially," Barbara Janosi, an analyst at KBC Groep NV in Budapest, wrote in a note to clients.
The government and the central bank have continuously rejected propositions to default in order to cancel the debt or to devaluate the currency in order to decrease the local debt.
We're not privy to all the information though - so we like to think that our ticket money is paying people to gather and devaluate all the info and make those tough decisions.
Steiger: Based on our fair value model, we believe the Swiss franc will devaluate somewhat against the euro and the US dollar over the next 12 months.
Second are aluminum and copper alloys due to the many possible tramp elements or poisons that can quickly devaluate or even make the material worthless.
In 2001, the forecast is positive, the currency will devaluate and exports are predicted to grow 10% in weight and 5% in value.
I understand the criticism since the event was announced, but does the Home Run Derby we all watched this week really devaluate baseball?