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Meanwhile, State Bank of Pakistan had earlier claimed that rupee was strong and SBP did not plan to devalue the currency.
He said government should not have accepted the demand of IMF and exporters for further devalue rupee.
On Wednesday the central bank reversed its decision to devalue the South Sudanese pounds (SSP) by up to 35% against the US dollar after receiving a directive from the national parliament.
Emerging-markets currency strategist at Barclays Capital Koon Chow believes that the currency is likely to devalue by 15 to 20 percent against the euro, and then trade within a band of plus or minus 15 percent to the new target.
Oh, it's turned around now that I'm talking about how I devalue the form.
Prime Minister Harold Wilson (above) defending his decision to devalue the pound in an attempt to tackle Britain's economic problems
By cloning pets,] in some ways, we devalue the individual," Modiano adds.
To do otherwise would devalue the charter because there are always budgetary constraints.
There is a collusion between the ratings companies and the advertising industry to devalue black radio in the same way society devalues black people.
By further interrogating the attempts to classify and control the behavior of those inhabiting the "private sphere," McBride's collection offers further insight into the attempted division of public and private life, which worked to devalue women and children.