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The TDAP chief advised the Senate Standing Committee on Commerce chaired by Senator Shibli Faraz that government should devalue currency and print currency which is against the national interests.
He mentioned that the decision of the People's Bank of China (PBOC) to devalue the Yuan would have global ramifications, in the short, medium and long term.
On Wednesday the central bank reversed its decision to devalue the South Sudanese pounds (SSP) by up to 35% against the US dollar after receiving a directive from the national parliament.
The term "currency war" was coined by Brazil's finance minister in 2010 to describe measures taken by the United States Federal Reserve to devalue American dollars.
There is more to the story of Latin American/Asian central banks buying the dollar to devalue their currencies.
Emerging-markets currency strategist at Barclays Capital Koon Chow believes that the currency is likely to devalue by 15 to 20 percent against the euro, and then trade within a band of plus or minus 15 percent to the new target.
I'd like to think I play with poetry but I don't devalue it," he explains.
PALMDALE -- Joshua Hills School fifth-grade teacher Ginger DeValue is the first instructor in the Palmdale School District to earn her profession's highest standard.
Critics of the job share said it would devalue the office of regional bishop and that it might harm contacts with the Roman Catholic Church, something discounted by Lutheran Church spokesperson Susanne Hassen.
Public discourse claims that children "need their moms" but welfare policies often devalue mothering at home by focusing on paid employment.
Prime Minister Harold Wilson (above) defending his decision to devalue the pound in an attempt to tackle Britain's economic problems