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"Another horse had tested positive for the same substance, so I thought it prudent to take a precautionary test which not only surprisingly, let alone devastatingly, has also shown to be positive."
DEVASTATINGLY for the sport, the biggest news of 2008 was as bad as it could get, with the bombshell that Walthamstow, the biggest and best track in the country, would close its doors on August 16.
And it may be just as much the injured party in 2009 if, as is happening, the banks' previous policy of being devastatingly profligate with our money is followed with a subtly different policy of being devastatingly mean with it.
A devastatingly effective and witty performer in the Commons, Salmond achieved a lifetime's burning ambition and shook the Labour party to the core when conducting a brilliant campaign to win power in Scotland.
The commitment to reconciliation was tested much later following the devastatingly brutal war between the states.
In an ideal world, there would be no under-duress adoptions; but also in an ideal world, according to the author, race would cease to exist as a devastatingly meaningful social category.
In this case, that means helpless, beautiful birds who have not done anything devastatingly wrong as compared to any other living species." CONTACT: Friends of Animals, (203)656-1522,; United Illuminating, (800) 722-5584,
That final catharsis--with just a hint that healing will begin--is devastatingly powerful.
Breaching these terms could subject a university to damages, and perhaps more devastatingly, prevent it from securing future contracts.
Crystal meth, a devastatingly addictive drug, is made, usually in crude backyard labs, by synthesizing several commercially available chemicals, most crucially two called psuedoephedrine and ephedrine.
Tutu's remarks are clever No doubt he believes what he says; yet his words cover up a devastatingly false logic.
IN a male-dominated environment I have found the use of genuine female charm to be devastatingly effective.