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The new government values education as it's highest priority and it is expected that they may not choose the devastative path as of his predecessor and 'Naya' Pakistan will initiate the reforms in higher education through merit based transparent appointments at the universities, he hoped.
Primarily, its not the lack of funding, its the malpractices playing the worst devastative role in Higher Education.
Children dwelling Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT) Complex Mirpur, who orphaned and lost their parents in the devastative earthquake marched in the memory of their loved ones in Mirpur.
"The exhaustive camp had proved devastative for our players.
Ban in a message Monday condoled with Iranian government and nation, and expressed sympathy with bereaved family members of devastative Saturday quake in Northwestern Iran.
"Those who beat the drum of war without knowing how difficult, ruinous and devastative war should have now learnt nasty lessons," he remarked, adding that Khartoum's war propaganda following South Sudan's ten day occupation Heglig/Panthou as "absolutely uncalled for." Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir described South Sudan's ruling party as "insects" and said that the vultures of Heglig/Panthou had been well fed on the dead bodies of Southern soldiers.
[6] Permanent worries for devastative effects of such kind of games in the physical and mental aspects of children with failure in their main living plans such as studying because of spending more time for such games can be seen and hear from parents.
He also pointed to the developments in the region and the risks threatening Yemen's unity, stability and security due to the practices of the JMPs, saying "they [JMPs] do not realize their national responsibilities and the devastative repercussions of their practices against the country".
"The failure of attracting bidders in the second round will be devastative to the project."
"Don't surprise if you hear a word of Somalization, which means don't make us such Somalia, it has become like proverb" I Continued to warn against others mostly tribalists to take such a random and devastative decisions that looks like our father's decisions that demolished allover the nation and its people and eventually made them pirates and pundits that knows how to kill and harm!!!.
It is acceptable to kidnap one or two soldiers, even if the devastative price inflicted on our cities, villages and entire country involves claiming and injuring thousands of victims.
These buffaloes had witnessed decrease due to devastative floods in 2010 and militancy in 2008-09 in Swat.