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The strategy involves careful steps to develop people capable of adding value to the forest resources both before and after harvest, development of new training institutions, and expansion of a development corporation specifically to promote bio-products and non-timber forest products.
To develop programs, purchase equipment and produce promotional materials.
The development company should be formed as a corporation, preferably an S corporation (while never litigated, it would appear that using an S corporation to purchase the land as an investment and a partnership to develop the land may work).
Develop a fundamental understanding of molecular recognition in plant growth and cell wall self-assembly in FP processes to create new or enhance existing products.
Throughout the semester, we discuss top-down and bottom-up curriculum development, and whether teachers should follow curricula others have created or develop their own Meier, 2000).
These are just a few of the drills that we use to develop more bat speed and to continue developing a grooved swing that will allow the hitter to be more consistent at the plate.
Conduct a Business Process Reengineering study and develop a well-coordinated implementation plan.
Develop advocacy relationships and advocacy knowledge.
Mothers were less likely to develop fibroids than were women who never had children, but how many children a woman had didn't seem important.
We are impressed with Diatos's commitment to develop prodrug-based therapeutic products and believe that Diatos has the development capabilities to lead a successful Super-Leu-Dox development program," said Dr.
Next, the provider can review the business-planning checklist, which will identify all of the information that should be analyzed to develop a complete business plan that could be presented to board-level decision makers and/or external sources of financing.
Soros' foundation network has helped develop a certification process for aid organizations around the world.