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6 : to begin to exist or be present gradually <A romance developed between them.>
Develop an integrated plan to strengthen the economy and the communities.
This forum allows all the SSA partners to share concerns and discuss lessons learned; and most important, it allows the government and suppliers to develop operational and strategic process improvements that benefit all of the alliances.
If such a culture of collaborative teacher inquiry is to develop, Lambert, Collay, Dietz, Kent, and Richert (1996) make the point that teachers need professional development opportunities to develop reciprocity in thinking along dimensions of collaboration, inquiry, and action.
"The materials we create are impossible for traditional semiconductor manufacturers to develop because their production facilities aren't set up to handle them," he explains.
To develop a strategic plan to guide the organization's activities, structure and explore opportunities for financial support.
Most developed nations already have plans for halon recycling and banking systems--registries of who has excess halon to sell.
To achieve this goal, the taxpayers created a corporation, Town East (TE), to develop and sell real property.
Digital library communities such as Dublin Core, the Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM), and the NSDL have ongoing efforts to develop content creation guidelines for their members to use when creating metadata.
* Develop and investigate novel materials with enhanced properties (e.g., films, coatings, fillers, matrices, pigments, additives, and fibers--especially lignocellulosic nanofibrils.
"When working on a project, it's extremely important that we also develop our own specifications," says Dean, "as they may be better than that asked by the customer."
Process Documentation and Narratives--Project team leaders develop narratives (describing how tasks are accomplished) of the key processes, which are deemed "high" and "medium" complexity.