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Potential applications of developable mechanisms include:
The most advanced projects looking to base themselves on the site are expected be on Tata land - the most immediately developable section of the South Tees Development Corporation site.
In this paper, we study b-[m.sub.2] developable surfaces of biharmonic b-slant helices in the special three-dimensional [phi]--Ricci symmetric para-Sasakian manifold P.
Spanning 1.7mn sq m and with nearly 1.2mn sq m developable plots area, Fox Hills is designed as a refined and elegant medium density inner-city residential neighbourhood combining mixed-use buildings ranging from five to seven stories.
It is too early in the data evaluation and exploration process to determine whether the Neptun block will ultimately prove to be commercially developable or not.
It said that, while land markets were "generally stagnant" across the UK, there were distinct "bright spots" as house-builders target limited smaller, readily developable sites in buoyant local markets.
This offering includes two land parcels which combined equal approximately 1.5 acres of developable waterfront land.
Together, the two buildings, at 1205 and 1225 Broadway, make up around 250,000 square feet of developable space and up to 370,000 square feet if Lam chooses to purchase adjacent properties that are also on the market.
The Westminster section of Route 140 between Route 2 and the Gardner city line is relatively short, and there are about 452 developable acres available of 736 acres in the town in the half-mile wide area studied.
For a given surface S (spacelike or timelike) we have two posibilies: K = 0 (S is developable) and K [not equal to] 0 (S is non - developable).
Mr Lindsay Partridge, Managing Director of Brickworks, said "Following completion of these two transactions, only four hectares of developable land remain available at the M7 Hub.
Summary: Investment Opportunity in Dallas Includes 256 Developable Acres, a French-Styled Chateau, Contemporary Guest Home and Hill Country Estate