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This type of developmental anomaly of the foot may change the biomechanics of the tarsal bones, which can allow minor injuries to cause disproportionately severe symptoms.
Fibrous dysplasia is grouped under fibro-osseous lesions with developmental anomaly of bone forming mesenchyme that manifests as a defect in osteoblastic differentiation and maturation.
Fusion of teeth is a rare developmental anomaly which occurs due to union of two independently developing tooth buds.
A congenital lacrimal fistula is a rare developmental anomaly, usually unilateral.
1-3) The cause of portal vein aneurysms remains controversial, with proposed etiologies including a developmental anomaly, congenital weakness of the venous wall, or acquired weakening of the vessel due to portal hypertension or inflammation.
The gingival fibrous nodule represents a variation of normal; it is a developmental anomaly analogous to the retrocuspid papilla.
Regional odontodysplasia is a rare developmental anomaly involving dental tissues.
It is a developmental anomaly and believed to occur as a result of failure of the nasobuccal membrane to rupture in the fifth and sixth week of intra uterine life.
3 In our case uterus, bilateral fallopian tubes and urinary tract are normal, therefore developmental anomaly is unlikely.

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