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Firms facing changing environments have to decide whether and when to deviate from fit with current environments.
Therefore if unions have a greater inherent tendency to deviate than the firm (i.
Sy nevertheless felt she had to deviate from the buy-and-hold philosophy to one with a short-term focus to win the contest.
Accounts to the contrary are completely without merit and work only to distort the truth, deviate attention from pressing national problems, and to create confusion domestically and internationally.
In documents submitted by the hospital to the state Department of Health Services, the hospital's board of directors claims it was not aware that the administration had allowed the anesthesia group to deviate from the contract outlining services entered into in 1995.
While we made initial strides in replacing the city's oldest helicopters, it is clear we have begun to deviate from the agreed upon replacement program,'' Chick said.
The ratings consider PFI's conservative financial leverage targets of below 20% corporate debt to total capital and expect that non-corporate leverage risk will not deviate from current levels.
District Judge Dean Pregerson did not deviate from the sentencing terms previously agreed to by the assistant U.
Actual results could deviate from these forward-looking statements, which are made as of the date of this press release.
The court acknowledged that when a taxpayer deviates from a previously established accounting method, and the deviation does not have the time to become a method on its own, there exists the possibility of an accounting error.
In the sell-portraits, Rembrandt's right eye generally looks straight ahead, while the left deviates outward.
Harries rejects Koyrd's radical position (and deviates a bit from Duhem's neo-scholasticism) and turns rather to the theological and mystical speculations of Cusanus as the key and "conceptual link" between ancient ideas and modern science.