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Cleared direct [NAVAID], then direct [AIRPORT], You may need to deviate about five miles west of [NAVAID] before turning north, but we'll keep an eye on the precip for you."
Don't try to deviate within large areas or multiple lines of storms.
To use a normal distribution in Excel, the formula would be = Mean + (Standard Deviation * Standard Normal Deviate).
Now, is the deviate allowed to continue his pursuit of physical happiness without restraint as he attempts to do today?
He has no right to omit or deviate from them or remodel them to his own liking.
18 Kyodo The leader of Afghanistan's ruling Taliban movement said the group is ready to fight for and will not deviate from Islamic principles, the Afghan Islamic Press reported Thursday.
Conflicting demands of different environmental elements represent other reasons why firms might deviate from ideal strategies (Gresov 1989).
You want to force the offense to deviate from their normal calls
From his own experience, Johnson adds, most corporations are going to stick to the line that "a more qualified candidate was hired" and probably will not deviate from giving more information.
However, if the firm is short sighted, it may unilaterally deviate from the cooperative agreement, to take advantage of a one-period gain.
Conversely, an individual with weak attachments is assumed to be unconcerned about the wishes of others, and thereby inclined to deviate from social expectations.
Let us briefly deviate from the agenda to look at nonclinical areas." It is easy to address this concern, because there are tools available to answer that question.[3] Just as some databases can compare cost/ DRG, other tools, such as the Span of Central Benchmarks from the Healthcare Management Council of Needham, Mass., compare costs for executive offices, insurance, travel and other perks, etc.