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using the anterior nasal spine as a door stop to reposition the deviated caudal spine and Kriedels tongue in groove technique to secure the deviated caudal septum.
RESULTS AND OBSERVATION: In this study, 400 new born babies aged less than or equal to 3 days were examined for Deviated nasal septum (DNS).
A spokeswoman for the Labour leader said: "Ed Miliband had an operation this morning to correct a deviated septum in order to help with his sleep apnoea.
The product also helps to open deviated septa and enhance overall breathing by increasing oxygen levels.
This indicates just how far the official church's teaching has deviated from the primacy of the rule of love found in all major religions.
Ali Ariduru, the general manager of Turkey's civil aviation authority, said that according to the results of the preliminary investigation, the aircraft "definitely deviated from the normal flight path", Reuters reported.
In how many ways have America's corporate leaders deviated from the right path in recent years?
What immediately came to mind were the elegant machines and musical instruments of Rebecca Horn, a precedent from which Bonvicini has deviated radically: Gone are utopian urges typical of Horn's generation; instead we encounter the disenchanted observation of a generalized alienation and the need for more-precise, less-idealistic analysis.
has developed a suture-suspension technique to correct a proximally deviated dorsal septum.
Says Forster: "It deviated during development to a point where the Opel and Saab models are similar, but different enough to prevent us from producing them in the same plant.
The court noted that prior cases deviated only if the tables' underlying assumptions were incorrect.