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You deviate 50 miles to the left as you nervously compute your new distance, hoping you have enough fuel.
And that the totality of his peculiar exterior manifestations were nothing more than interpretive modifications of liturgical acts or of the sacred cult, and in them he did not deviate one whit from the purest orthodoxy.
They feel the current proposal would be far more invasive because it would require them to look for patterns in the way customers handle financial transactions and report activity that deviates from the norm.
11) Finally, like sexual deviates, they can relive the excitement of the experience by reviewing the videotape.
This may happen because when the union deviates, allowing a wage hike is a sure way of inducing cooperation from the union.
Efficient table-based procedures have been devised for users with a large consumption of exponential and normal deviates.
Nowhere do these silvery orbs deviate by more than 40 atoms from perfect sphericity.
Operating profit for the quarter deviates negatively by about SEK 40 M compared with the earlier forecast.
Scientists say the comet's ratio of carbon-12 to carbon-13 deviates from the ratio found in other solar system matter.
In its gas business, SCE&G also benefits from a weather normalization clause that allows the company to adjust its tariffs if weather deviates from the norm.
Although billings to customers deviates somewhat from revenues because certain telephone services are billed in advance, the growth in the number of lines and the growth in the total billings are indicative of the revenue growth that is expected.
The fund will be rebalanced if the allocation to one or more of the underlying funds deviates by 3% or more from its target weighting.