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Since implementing strategies takes time, firms may benefit sometimes by deviating from fitting strategies.
To the extent any alternatives "deviate or are perceived as deviating from the arm's length standard and international agreement on the alternative is not reached, the administrative burden related to the competent authority process and the corresponding need for case-by-case analysis might increase.
One day bakers may make their own low-calorie double fudge brownies and diabetic may be able to satisfy a sweet tooth without deviating from their strict diets.
Following accusation by a some members of the Chennai based multi-speciality NGO hospital & research institute, Voluntary Health Services (VHS) that the management of the health centre was trying to make money from its services by deviating from its founding concept, a new honorary secretary succeeding Dr E S Krishnamurthy has been chosen.
The Fifth Circuit rejected marketability as a factor for deviating from the tables.
While the article focused on the taxation of different retirement investment alternatives, it overstepped its bounds by deviating to discuss the characteristics of such alternate investments other than taxation.