deviating from the standard

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the corresponding additional loading, deviating from the standard, must be taken into account.
a seedling or plant deviating from the standard variety.
She ultimately sued Nguyen for negligence in deviating from the standard of care in performing the surgery.
Other issues the courts may see in the future include whether a physician who overrides an alert created by the EHR could be accused of deviating from the standard of care, and whether failure to use an EHR may itself constitute a deviation from the standard of care.
Annex E in IEC 60601-12 describes how to justify immunity test levels deviating from the standard. The explanation will need to consider the environment of use.
For the first time, the BCCI has allowed girlfriends on a foreign tour, deviating from the standard practice of allowing just the married players to have company.
The new body alignment machine, the first of its kind in Jordan, will allow the crash repair shop to produce vehicle status reports that point to the exact locations deviating from the standard references.General Manager of KIA Motors Jordan, Nihad Zacharia, who demonstrated the new Car-O-Liner to insurance companies said, "It is of the utmost importance to us that we reduce and potentially eliminate the feeling of the car 'not being the same' after an accident often expressed by customers, we are quite adamant about providing our customers with a great driving experience, be it a brand new car or not.The Car-O-Liner's fully computerized alignment bench is fitted with an electronic measuring system that is based on blue tooth technology.
With production budgets for Japanese pics routinely rising above $10 million these days, local studios are getting more creative in the way they raise coin, deviating from the standard multipartner funding model that usually includes only film-related companies.
The FTB issued a notice (62) explaining that deviating from the standard apportionment and allocation rules, without receiving prior approval, can result in accuracy-related penalties when a substantial income understatement constitutes negligence; exceptions from the penalty are specifically noted.
However, deviating from the standard beam orientation can be extremely helpful in eliminating superimposing structures that hide an acetabular fracture.
Deviating from the standard TNC design (due to the complexities of the dielectrically loaded interface) would, in essence, mean creating a different connector.
16000 kg gross vehicle weight lf 20, 4x4 chassis with gross vehicle weight of at least 16 000 kg suitable for lf 20 type fire brigade according to the currently applicable din regulations, deviating from the standard fire fighting tank with a capacity of at least 3 000 liters, including radio installation and loading.