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d] is soil deviator stress caused by train dynamic load, [sigma.
However, with works councils, the deviator needs the workers' consent.
res]) was defined as excess pore pressure value when deviator stress was zero during each load cycle (Seed & Lee, 1966).
America the beautiful has become America the deviator as the world cries out in pain.
Suppose instead that the firms in sector A punish a deviator in both policy dimensions.
Taller drivers complained the driver's seat did not go far enough for decent leg room, while shorter drivers complained the seat belts cut across their necks and needed a deviator to overcome the problem, which reduces the effectiveness of the belt.
Samples were subjected to an effective confining pressure of approximately 45 kPa, and cyclic loading having a maximum deviator stress of 300 kPa was applied on the ballast specimens at a frequency of 20 Hz.
the introduction of new capacity) is extremely difficult to achieve and sustain as the mechanism that is required for collusion to be successful--namely the ability of each member promptly to detect cheating and to retaliate effectively against the deviator is much less likely to be work than when coordination takes place on a short-term variable (e.
In fact, it is one of the most radically reflexed bows Hoyt has ever made, matched only by the Deviator from a few years back.
Tenders are invited for Providing oil painting to kerb stone and anticrash barriers & oil painting to RCC railing & providing protective coating to deviator block of externally prestressed cables at TCB-I in connection with M.
And in cases where the other seller did raise the price, the increase was generally insufficient to allow the deviator to earn enough profit; only in two cases was the price raised above 20.