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JVC plans to release full HD projection televisions in Japan and North America that will make use of the new device and the company's neXt generation high-resolution imaging technologies.
Their ability to effectively extend cabling distances, increase the number of devices attached to each parallel SCSI bus and to isolate failed segments of clustered systems (which were often used to provide failover routing in redundant storage configurations), made expanders an essential component in a large number of installations (see Figure 1).
The hospitals targeted in the investigation jointly filed a lawsuit against Medicare's policy of denying payment for devices not approved by the FDA.
Reformers want the agency to concentrate on more rapidly getting drugs and devices to doctors and patients rather than delaying, prosecuting, or otherwise scrutinizing the medical industry into bankruptcy.
The support team, assisted by the deaf-blind consumer, interactively translates the needs into technical requirements, develops prototype devices and conducts training and test programs.
SMI-S is command-and control-oriented: Unlike SNMP which is now commonly used to monitor the state of devices at a basic level, SMI-S is both passive (like SNMP) and active.
For drugs and devices, this extends the data requirements for affirmative coverage beyond the scope of the FDA's authority to base an approval decision for a new drug or device on its effectiveness without consideration of other existing medical interventions.
Fairness is an aspect of a protocol which ensures that devices communicating with each other have guaranteed access to all devices in a system.