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The devil's advocate might respond that enhanced intelligence at the top could have a "trickle-down" effect, bringing technological and cultural blessings to the society as a whole.
Moreover, an examination of the role of the devil's advocate has a great deal of heuristic value for future communication research about organizational innovation.
El filme The Devil's Advocate se situa en ese marco de referencia para cuestionar los llamados valores norteamericanos mas preciados, como la ambicion, la energia el materialismo.
Australian novelist noted for such best-sellers as The Devil's Advocate (1959) and The Shoes of the Fisherman (1963).
Members would be less willing to play devil's advocate in proposing policy alternatives, and the quality of monetary policy decisionmaking would suffer accordingly.
Consequently, top management's role with marketing management ranges from being constructive critic and devil's advocate to acting as counselor and consultant.
Her later books include There Was a Time (1947); Melissa (1948); The Devil's Advocate (1952); Never Victorious, Never Defeated (1954); The Sound of Thunder (1957); Dear and Glorious Physician (1959); The Listener (1960); Your Sins and Mine (1961); A Pillar of Iron (1965), a fictional life of Cicero; The Captain and the Kings (1972); and Answer as a Man (1981).
The Devil's Advocate (or Promoter of the Faith) was responsible for presenting information and arguing the case against canonization to prevent the Church from making an error in this critically important decision.
Gary Bainbridge, the owner of The Devil's Advocate on Borough Road in Middlesbrough, will be one of the Teessiders on next week's Come Dine With Me.
THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE (5USA, Friday, 10pm) KEANU Reeves plays a hotshot young lawyer who gradually comes to realise his charismatic new boss John Milton (Al Pacino) is Satan himself.
6 THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE (1997) AL PACINO is Lucifer and the boss of a law firm.