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"Don't you bring me any more of your devilish things!" said he, shaking his fist at Sambo, who retreated hastily towards the door; and, picking up the silver dollar, he sent it smashing through the window-pane, out into the darkness.
The friars drew rein and stood wondering at the appearance of Don Quixote as well as at his words, to which they replied, "Senor Caballero, we are not devilish or unnatural, but two brothers of St.
'Well, to tell you the truth, I've thought of it often and often before; but he's such devilish good company, is Huntingdon, after all.
There was a light in his eyes as they looked at her which transfigured his face to something superhuman and devilish. She turned away from him, shuddering.
All fears for Sophia being now removed, Jones became the object of the squire's consideration.--"Come, my lad," says Western, "d'off thy quoat and wash thy feace; for att in a devilish pickle, I promise thee.
"Yes, there is something uncanny, devilish and fascinating in her," Kitty said to herself.
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Kogi State governorship aspirant on Tuesday, described as 'devilish and wicked' the news making round on the social media that he has stepped down his aspiration to contest the ticket of the party.
Unfortunately, education system in the province of Sindh is being decimated by devilish architects, thugs and thieves to keep the Sindhi society enslaved for the centuries to come and keep heralding feudalistic culture with same velocity.
Lydia Manyasa from Kibera said the new curriculum is devilish and she cannot allow her children to go to school.
The season finale of the third run saw Chloe discover Lucifer's true devilish face, and a proposed fourth season would explore the consequences of this discovery.
Granny lives in her house above ground with her chicken Gracie, rooster Otto, and devilish cat, Barnaby.