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Don't you bring me any more of your devilish things
There was a light in his eyes as they looked at her which transfigured his face to something superhuman and devilish.
Come, my lad," says Western, "d'off thy quoat and wash thy feace; for att in a devilish pickle, I promise thee.
Yes, there is something uncanny, devilish and fascinating in her," Kitty said to herself.
HORNS OF A DILEMMA: William Hague looks devilish while visiting Gloucestershire yesterday; FEARS: Platell
WILLIAM Hague looked in devilish mood on the campaign trail for next month's elections.
HERE'S that devilish chap David Bowie dressed as Mephistopheles in an operatic stunt for last night's MTV Awards.
The genius who made such inspirational hits as Aladin Sane and, er, The Laughing Gnome wore a ludicrous titfer and struck this devilish pose at the ceremony.