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Don't you bring me any more of your devilish things
There was a light in his eyes as they looked at her which transfigured his face to something superhuman and devilish.
Come, my lad," says Western, "d'off thy quoat and wash thy feace; for att in a devilish pickle, I promise thee.
Yes, there is something uncanny, devilish and fascinating in her," Kitty said to herself.
HORNS OF A DILEMMA: William Hague looks devilish while visiting Gloucestershire yesterday; FEARS: Platell
Maybe he and Carrey should do a remake of ``Little Nicky''; not only would they make something better than Adam Sandler and his minions did, but it might get them back in touch with their true, devilish and ever-so-much-more appealing spirits.
WILLIAM Hague looked in devilish mood on the campaign trail for next month's elections.
Andrew Loog Oldham lives up to the common perception of what makes a Britisher so British - he's a bon vivant, a born raconteur with a devilish wit and the owner of both an excellent wardrobe and unforgettably odd double-barreled name.
HERE'S that devilish chap David Bowie dressed as Mephistopheles in an operatic stunt for last night's MTV Awards.
Soon, he's back at his monastery, where a fancy relic has been delivered - an orb with the shapes of two women carved into it (Barker's big into evil gizmos - his ``Hellraiser'' movies featured a devilish Rubik's Cube).
The genius who made such inspirational hits as Aladin Sane and, er, The Laughing Gnome wore a ludicrous titfer and struck this devilish pose at the ceremony.